Engineering Review

  • P.E. Review of Damage Assessment

  • Typical Code Detail used in Forensics

  • Engineering Review of Plans

  • Foundation and Soils Code Reviews

  • P.E. Truss Frame Review

  • EES uses the Latest Codes

  • Engineering Review of Plans

EES Group, Inc can perform professional engineering reviews of architectural plans, drawings, and documents to ensure the design meet current building code requirements and standards as well as industry best practices.  Further, EES’ engineers and professionals have the education, training, and experience to perform investigations on buildings and structures for condition assessments, building code compliance, loading capacities, renovations, and various other structural damage assessments.

Typically reviews/assessments include:

  • Architectural Wall Sections
  • Truss Layouts
  • Foundation Plans
  • Documentation for Official Submittal
  • Structural Details
  • Structural Damage Assessments following Fires, Vehicular Impact, Weather Events, Construction Vibrations and Surcharge Loads, and Seismic Events.